Internet Speed Meter - Usage

Internet Speed Meter - Usage

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Be aware of Your internet traffic speed with internet speed meter data monitoring application. Application displays real time internet speed in status bar and in notification bar. Application is best solution if your wifi or mobile network is slow to see internet current speed and be hopeful that soon Your device will finally load web site.
Internet speed meter application stores daily mobile internet usage and daily wifi internet usage in sql datas and user can see internet traffic usage of last 30 days which are represented in internet usage charts and internet usage rows. Both wifi and mobile network traffic usages are represented in seperate activities and each of them has 3 subsections (mobile download, mobile upload and mobile total traffic usage for mobile traffic usage and wifi download, wifi upload and wifi total traffic usage for wifi data usage). By default if user opens mobile traffic usage or wifi traffic usage statistics, user can rapidly see total data usage of last 30 days in charts and rows and if user want to see for example downloaded data usage then user has to touch on screen and then swipe to left or click on left icon placed on the left of rows representation.
Most mobile operators provides mobile data plans which contains fixed mobile internet data for one month and user does not know how to use it and how much is daily recommended data usage. If you use fixed mobile data plan then this application is for you.
User can set monthly internet data plan and application will warn when user exceeds average daily usage of mobile internet data. In notifications application displays current internet speed, available mobile data (by default monthly data plan is 1024MB), today's mobile data usage and today's wifi data usage. In application there are displayed available mobile data and daily recommended data usage.
Internet speed meter applications displays how many days are till next mobile plan settlement, how much is available and how much is daily recommended data usage control your data traffic properly.
By installing this application user also get mobile data usage widget which informs about available data, next mobile data settlement day and daily mobile usage.
* Mobile data speed meter, WiFi data speed meter - It is not important which one you use. Application calculates internet speed and displays in status bar to be aware of current internet speed and traffic.
* Data usage monitor - Monitor your traffic data for the last 30 days. Both mobile data usage and wifi data usage statistics are available.
* Mobile data plan control - Set mobile data plan (available data usage for 1 month) and application will display recommended daily mobile data usage and will warn if you excess it.
* Mobile data usage widget - Use widget to control mobile plan available data without opening application.


What's New

- bug fixes



Update: 2017-03-03

Version: 1.0.2

Requires: Android4.0 or later



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User Review

It crashes every minute than manually have to start
It's nice... but it would be better if there's a recurring option and it crashes down frequently. I have to restart again and again. Please fix that. Otherwise it's fine.
There should be two more options like show notification when we turn on the internet and hide notification on lockscreen.
Crashed like crazy on my S7 but when it worked it ran brilliantly so I'm assuming this is a minor hiccup. Hence 4 stars.for now I think I'll just stick to CPU x. Root.
Not working properly and I open it and it cracked badly
We can no that how much mb is reaming and how much speed we geeting this is nice and helpful aap love it so much

User Review

    It's nice... but it would be better if there's a recurring option and it crashes down frequently. I have to restart again and again. Please fix that. Otherwise it's fine.


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